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Best Boat Trips with Friends

1. Sea Moon, Peligoni Club, Greece

Under the glamorous Peligoni umbrella, it is also a famously chic and relaxed villa-rental company, a chilled-out music festival, a club and social network.
The brand new, Sea Moon, has a sumptuous atmosphere, reminiscent of an antique pirate ship with rough textures of wood and steel contrasting fluid reflections of mirrors and the sea. A unique melange of a Turkish gullet and luxe yacht makes it the perfect summer cruise. 


2. SATORI Italy and France

Inspired by the understated elegance of the 1920s and ‘30s era, Satori merges the comfort of a five-star boutique hotel with a traditional hand-built wooden schooner to create the ultimate classic sailing experience. Exquisitely elegant and spacious, with all the comforts of a superyacht and with the facilities of a hotel (the legendary Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany is her big sister), this is a sailing yacht like no other.


3. SAIL LANKA Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka


Sail Lanka, better known for its day-tripping cruises around Galle and the south coast, charters generously decked catamarans large enough for eight and nimble enough to moor up against deserted beaches to explore the island.




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